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Ivan Castro is an experienced chef who has been passionate about plant-based cooking for more than 5 years. He completed the four years Chef Program at CESSA University in Mexico City. He has perfected his culinary skills while attending the highly respected Natural Gourmet Institute for diverse programs in New York City and in Plant Lab by Matthew Kenney. Ivan found his passion for cooking at an early age in his hometown of Mexico City. This is where he was inspired by his mother and grandmother who taught him the art of homemade Mexican cooking.


Ivan strives to bring both his passion for authentic Mexican flavours and international contemporary cuisine, his commitment to organic and plant-based ingredients, and a creative new twist to his new projects. 


"I believe there's magic in the kitchen. Cooking is an artistic process where alchemy and craft play an important role." 



Taking vegan to the next level. 



Food portfolio 

Mole Festival
Day of the Dead Ofrenda
Chocolate taco
Popcorn Ice cream
Hoja Santa Tamal
Greens with Mezcal Vinaigrette
Bayo Bean Tamal
Vegan ceviche & Vegan caviar
Jackfruit al Pibil
Dumplings with Mexican street corn
Mexican Chocolate
Purple potatoes fries & beet ketchup
Choco decadence Protein shake
Vegan Capresse Salad
Chai mini Cakes
Thanksgiving Raw cheescake
Choco-sage ice cream
Ice cream crunchy sandwich


"Each dish wrapped a melody around my tongue that was so harmonious that my cravings for more, exceeded my own expectations."

Sylvia Grande 



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