Eating should be treated like a ritual, a lifetime experience involving all your senses — a moment where you can appreciate the beauty and magic of food itself.



In the past, supper clubs were exclusive to sybarites, gourmands,  and food insiders.  There was a mystical and magical sort of vibe in the air. 


Cooking is an artistic process where alchemy and craft play an essential role.  Our Secret Dinner is designed to embark adventurous and curious diners on a culinary journey, full of mystery and magic. 


We change the way we interact with food by harnessing the secret of the alchemy on cooking and creating dishes that appeal to every sense. 


Picture an evening surrounded by a mystical atmosphere - contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine with the use of ancestral ingredients. Every dish offers a burst of flavour, colour, texture, and aroma - that will make your mouth water!


The evening will not only be a treat for your taste buds but a unique and mystical experience that will be memorable.


Blind Tasting Menu 7-courses 

Contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine

Ticket $120 

Ask for our wine/cocktail pairing 





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The Wicked Pot

Secret Dinner