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  • What is a personal chef?
    A personal chef is a trained culinary professional who prepares homemade meals on a designated "cook date" in the client's home, always customized to your taste preference and dietary needs. Also, he/she can provide cooking classes and dinner parties or special events.
  • Who needs a personal chef?
    Busy moms and dads Professionals with no time to cook Senior citizens, bachelors, newlyweds, new moms and dads with no time to prepare meals People with dietary restrictions, food allergies, food sensitivities or learning to follow a new diet People who want to change their diet for Plant-Based Those looking to lose weight or improve their health People who can’t cook or don’t like their cooking
  • What makes you different from other personal chefs?
    My passion for cooking came up as a result of how much I love to eat. I might say I’m a foodie by nature. The process of eating should be a lifetime experience, which involves all your senses, to make you appreciate more the beauty of food and makes you present while you enjoy each bite. The same happens in the process of cooking. I like to practice mindfulness while I am preparing my dishes, honouring each ingredient, aware of the aroma, texture, taste, sounds and so on. I love to travel, and I use that experience as a component for my menus. I like to try new ingredients, textures and make creative and different things in the kitchen, always pursuing the wow factor
  • Should I be home when you are cooking?
    I will cook in your home kitchen, and I can work while you’re away or at home. It is entirely up to you. The only thing you need to prepare for our cooking–date is a clean kitchen, countertops an empty sink and enough space in the fridge to store your meals. At the end of the service, your kitchen will be left clean and shiny.
  • What if I don’t have enough cookware?
    I will take inventory of it during our initial interview. It is up to you if I can use your pots, pans, and cooking utensils. If not, I will bring my cookware and, everything I need to prepare the meals.
  • Are your menus entirely plant-based (vegan)? I eat poultry, meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Can I still work with you?"
    I'm vegan, so I can't prepare or taste any food with ingredients that come from animals. My menus are entirely Plant-Based, and of course, we can work together. If you want to try or decide to go entirely vegan, I can help you with the transition. I will work with you to understand your palate and favourite dishes and make it easier, delicious and healthy at the same time.
  • Do you cook only for one person?
    All my dishes make 4-5 servings each, dinner for a family of four for a whole week, lunch and dinner for a couple for one week, or a single person lunch and dinner for two weeks. Most of the meals are freezer- friendly.
  • What containers do you use?
    I often use your glass (oven and freezer friendly) or BPA free containers, if you don’t have enough or appropriate containers. We can purchase efficient storage containers; we’ll determine how many you’ll need. (the cost of the containers depends on the type you choose)
  • How often do you come and how should I reserve my next service?
    You can choose every week or biweekly. The cook- date must reserve and pay within five-business-day.
  • What kind of ingredients do you use? Organic? Gluten-free? Soy-free?
    I always look for the freshest ingredients and the highest quality available; organic ingredients are available upon request of each client. I work with clients who have allergies or who are sensitive to certain foods.
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